Face lift procedure is intended for both men and women, be them young or of somewhat advanced years, who want a natural, sleek, fresh and youthful appearance. In certain cases, a face lift procedure can be combined with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers or Botox.

When conventional methods no longer produce the desired effect, surgical face lift is applied. This is a surgical procedure used in order to rejuvenate skin and subcutaneous tissue of the lower part of face and neck. In this surgical procedure, experts at Imed Clinic make incisions behind the ear and on the scalp that are well-hidden.

“Complex anatomy, modern cosmetic demands and the fact that our face is the most exposed part of our body all make face lift the greatest challenge for every cosmetic surgeon”, says one of Imed Clinic experts, Dr. Borić, MD, PhD. “We use facial expressions to convey emotions and, therefore, it is necessary to preserve their natural display”, say experts at Imed Clinic.

Experts at Imed Clinic approach each patient individually. They create surgical strategies tailored to each patient and design a combination of cosmetic surgery methods that can be combined with the use of fillers and Botox, if necessary.

When is the right time for face lift treatment?

There is no ideal age to become a candidate for a face lift treatment, it really depends on the individual patient. Face lift is usually performed when the candidate is in his or her fifties or sixties. However, whether the person is a good candidate for the face lift procedure is determined based on signs that may appear on the face and neck. Alternatively, the problem can be solved by using more conventional methods.

Face lift and modern trends in rejuvenation

Today, according to the latest trends in facial rejuvenation, face lift is almost always perceived as a type of facial rejuvenation method that can be combined with many other surgical and more conventional cosmetic procedures. Dr. Borić, MD, PhD, from Imed Clinic, recommends the patients to take care of their skin after the face lift procedure by applying hyaluronic acid to nasolabial and periorbital areas. Nowadays, Botox treatment is a widely used method and it is difficult to find a counter-argument for its application, which is why the final result of a face lift procedure performed at the right moment is multiplied with the effect of other commonly used methods, adds Dr. Borić.



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