Today, orthodontic brackets and dental braces meet the highest aesthetic criteria as they are hardly noticeable.

Orthodontics, that is, orthodontic treatment, is used to improve teeth alignment, as well as the harmony of your mouth and jaws. Today, orthodontic brackets meet the highest aesthetic criteria as they are hardly noticeable. An increasing number of adult patients choose to undergo orthodontic treatment in order to, among other things, lay a solid foundation for future reconstruction using prostheses or implants.

The aim of orthodontic treatment is not only to solve aesthetic problems, but also to relieve pain and to treat malfunctions of the masticatory system. Proper arrangement of teeth in the dental arch and proper spacing between the teeth ensure a uniform distribution of masticatory force, thus reducing load on a single tooth. This prevents overload and decay of the supporting tissue, prolongs longevity of the teeth and protects them from falling out. Nowadays, orthodontic treatment is not a luxury, it represents a necessity which cannot be ignored; especially since the positive effects of orthodontic treatment are permanent.

Owing to the development of new orthodontic materials and techniques, fixed braces have become much more comfortable to wear and the number of check-ups required during the therapy has been reduced. Fixed orthodontic braces are attached to the teeth so tightly that they can only be removed by an orthodontic therapist (orthodontist). The main advantage of fixed braces is achievement of faster results during the active phase of the therapy due to constant pressure on the teeth. In addition, this type of braces provides more precise results.

Child’s First Orthodontic Check-up

Your children should have their first orthodontic check-up no later than at the age of seven. In case of a dental anomaly, experts at Imed Clinic will explain its nature and specify the possible treatments, as well as the age when the treatment should begin.

Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age and, judging from the experience of Imed Clinic experts, adults especially appreciate this treatment because it provides a beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment at a more mature age not only enhances self-confidence and improves appearance, but also improves health of the gums and teeth, which is equally important.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment for adults:


The active phase of orthodontic treatment, during which the patient has fixed braces attached to his or her teeth, is followed by a retention period. Retainers are removable braces that are worn after the fixed braces have been removed. They are intended to hold the teeth in their correct position until the bone, gums, lips and cheeks adapt to the change. When wearing retainers, patients must carefully follow the orthodontist’s instructions; otherwise, his or her teeth might move back to their original position.


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