Implant dentistry – placement of dental implants

Implant dentistry is an area of dental medicine that deals with replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. Implant dentistry offers solutions for various forms of edentulism (toothlessness), i.e. for absence of one tooth, partial edentulism, or complete edentulism.

Marko Krmpotić, M. Sc., has been working in implant dentistry for over 14 years. During hospital work at the Clinic for Facial, Jaw and Oral Surgery at the Clinical Hospital Dubrava, he regularly dealt with the most complex implant cases. He treated patients who had lost all their own teeth, patients with changes in jaw relations and patients with alveolar bone loss. The implantology team of the Imed Clinic, together with Marko Krmpotic, MD, M. Sc., offers solutions for the most challenging cases in implant dentistry.

About implant dentistry

Implant dentistry is an area of dental medicine that deals with placement of dental implants into the edentulous upper and/or lower jaw in order to replace a lost tooth and its root. It is a multidisciplinary profession that is scientifically founded, experimentally and clinically confirmed and technologically perfected, explains the expert team at the Imed Clinic. “It is good knowledge of all segments in implant dentistry that ensures quality and safe clinical application in everyday work with patients”, say experts at Imed Clinic.

An implant is a small screw that is placed in the upper or lower jawbone and that acts as a replacement for the lost tooth root. It is an artificial tooth root, typically made from titanium, a precious metal that is totally biocompatible with human bone. Experts at Imed say that it is important to differentiate between an implant and a retention pin. While an implant is inserted into the jawbone as a replacement for the root, a retention pin is inserted into the root of the existing tooth to extend into the region which is to be filled with a restoration material.


Widespread use of implant dentistry

Experts at Imed Clinic follow the trends in the western countries and keep up with the latest developments of the profession. At Imed Clinic, only the best implant systems are available. In addition to this, a large number of our dentists is attending additional trainings abroad. The dentist offices are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, making implant dentistry accessible to a large number of patients.

Indications and success of implant dentistry

Implant dentistry offers solutions for various forms of edentulism (toothlessness), i.e. for absence of one tooth, partial edentulism or complete edentulism. In some cases, it is a quick and simple treatment that can be performed in the multipurpose room of the Imed Clinic, whereas in some cases it takes several months and requires a multidisciplinary, specialist treatment.

Cost of implant treatment

The cost of an individual implant treatment at the Imed Clinic depends on the complexity of the case and it is usually based on the number of required implants.

How to decide if dental implants are right for you and how to choose a dentist.

Owing to complexity, duration and cost of the implant treatment, the decision must be made with due care. The success of the implant treatment also depends on the mutual trust between a patient and a dental professional. Experts at Imed Clinic will gladly provide you with all the information necessary for reaching such a decision.

The concept of implant dentistry

The concept of an implant-prosthetic treatment is best described in the following way: a titanium implant is inserted into the bone to replace the root of a missing tooth. Experts at Imed say that the key for a successful treatment is functional connection (merger) between the dental implant and the bone, i.e. osseointegration. After the connection, experts at Imed work on the prosthetic part of the therapy, i.e. the restoration of the missing teeth. In the simplest case, a single tooth is restored, while the ultimate objective of implant dentistry is replacement of all teeth. “Implants can last a lifetime, assuming there are no complications (inflections)”, say experts at Imed Clinic.

“Implant dentistry at Imed Clinic combines the procedure of installing titanium implants to replace missing teeth, thereby avoiding grinding down adjacent teeth or use of mobile prosthesis”, say experts at the Imed Clinic.


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