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The Imed Clinic is a leading regional private Clinic focusing on the area of the face, jaw and mouth where all segments are covered at the specialist level. Work of the Clinic Imed combines maxillofacial, reconstructive and plastic surgery, dentistry and dental laboratory.

The Imed Clinic was created in 2009 through consolidating maxillofacial, reconstructive and plastic surgery, dentistry and dental laboratories. It was founded by mr. sc. Marko Krmpotić, and doc.dr.sc. Sandra Anić-Milošević.

Since inception, the Imed Clinic provides superior service to its patients. Its experts have been professionally educated at home and abroad, and also regularly participate in professional conferences as attendees and presenters.

Continuous training of professional staff of the Clinic Imed and the professionalism of its medical team coupled with modern technology provide superior service at the Clinic. Eight specialized clinics under one roof and its own laboratory are responsible for quality and quick service. The patient at the Clinic Imed is at the centre of everything. Imed’s experts foster multidisciplinary, but also an individual approach to each patient.

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