Prof. Sandra Anić – Milošević, DMD, PhD

Head of Orthodontic Department at IMED Clinic

Sandra Anić Milošević was born in 1971. in Zagreb. She finished primary school and high school in Zagreb. She enrolled School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb in 1989/1990, and graduated in November 1994. She passed her professional exam in 1996. Since May 1st 1995. she has been on the scientific panelat the Dept. of Orthodontics, of the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb.

She gained her Masters degree in 1998. with „Biomechanical analysis of a dental anchorage on a digitalized picture of a modified typodont“. She gained her Doctoral degree in 2004. with a dissertation„Anthropometric analysis of the face by photogrammetric method“. The specialist exam, Dr. Anić passed in 2000. and gained the title Specialist Orthodontist. To the position of Docent/Assistant Professor at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Dr. Anić was elected in 2009. She is active in clinical and preclinical classes, as well as classes within continuous education of dentists.

Moreover, Dr. Anić participates in delivering the curriculum in orthodontistry, by holding preclinical and clinical exercises and seminars, as well as mentoring graduate and postgraduate works.

She appears as an author and co-author of many scientific and expert publications and overviews, 11 of which have been quoted in the Current Contents. Nevertheless, she attended countless European congresses under the organization of the European Orthodontic Society, as well as many national seminars and workshops on orthodontics specialization.

She’s an active member of Croatian Stomatology Chamber, European Orthodontic Society and World Federation of Orthodontics. She is on the committee for evaluation of postgraduate works on School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb.

She’ s fluent in English, Italian and French, with intermediate knowledge of German.

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