Nikola Frano Vučković, dr.med.dent

Main Information

Born in 1981 in Split, where he attended elementary school and high school. He went to study dentistry at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka in 1999. and during his studies, he was a demonstrator at the Department of Dental Pathology. He graduated in 2005. and since then he has been continuously working in the profession and spent some time as an external associate at the Study of Dentistry at the Medical Faculty in Split. His primary areas of interest are implantology, prosthetics, and digital dentistry.


Additional Education

Croatian Society for Aesthetic Medicine – “Initial module botulinum toxin in facial aesthetics”
Croatian Society for Aesthetic Medicine – “Initial module for the use of hyaluronic fillers in facial aesthetics”
ImmediaTeam International Association – “Advanced Course in Aesthetic Oral Implantology”
Course of the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb – “Modern regenerative methods in dental medicine using plasma technology enriched with growth factors”
IFZI certificate – “Main course and Advanced training Phantom Master’s Course for Implant Surgery Training”
Practical course at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb – “Small surgical procedures in periodontology”
Course at the Medical Polytechnic of Zagreb – “Persons responsible for protection against ionizing radiation”
Masterclass: Josef Kunkela: Full digital protocol

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